Automatic Aid Agreement Examples

Example: the method of transmitting commands. A Section A battalion commander is on site in the B Division area and takes command. Five minutes later, the battalion commander of Division B arrives. Will the order be automatically transferred? Does that have to be the case? What kind of misinterpretation will occur if multiple officers are on the same stage and give conflicting orders? A single command system offers clear objectives, strategies and priorities. There are countless examples of successful and unsuccessful mutual/automatic assistance agreements. Here are three that illustrate only a few of the potential benefits and pitfalls. Osceola County Fire Chief Richard Collins notes that the agreements have been essential for removing borders and increasing the level of service for the community and firefighter safety: „The program has so far been very successful, with positive feedback from the municipality and firefighters. The crews work well together and train regularly together. The agreement ended with a reduction in reaction time and increased availability of the first deadline. Is the plan administratively feasible? It goes without saying that before an agreement can be reached between the two mutuality and automatic assistance organisations, certain conditions must be set.

In particular, efforts leaders need to be identified by organizations and stakeholders need to know their colleagues in the other organization. Open communication is required throughout the process. But where does a department start to develop a reciprocal or automatic aid agreement? The fire safety manual defines two important aspects for any good plan: 1) the plan itself, which must be practical and have clear objectives, and 2) the plan development process, which must ensure that all objectives are taken into account, that stakeholders are involved and that consensus is reached.3 FireGeezer.com2 recently reported a new agreement between Columbia, Mo., and its neighbour Boone County. The article says: „Columbia is protected by a fully paid service with eight fire stations and Boone County has a voluntary FD that operates 14 stations. They reviewed their old pact in the suburbs mainly because of the great growth of the city… Under the new regulations, all outlying areas will be serviced in the „closest station” format. The agreement contains plans for the creation of common terminology, standards, training and certifications for municipal and district firefighters. How will the parties react? Fire drivers are required to report on internal and external cultures. Issues that separate departments such as the union and non-union, career and volunteers can be a challenge in setting up an automatic assistance agreement. If the departments have cooperated effectively in previous situations, the task will be much simpler.

However, if there has been a history of conflict, or if departments are largely unfamiliar with each other, you need to anticipate what types of conflicts might arise and ensure that the agreement resolves them. Automatic aid has clear and practical benefits. But at the same time, don`t forget the obstacles. Each department is unique; Staff, geographical aspects, domestic and foreign policy play a role in deciding whether to implement automatic aid agreements.