Learning Agreement Uclm

Check this link to check the list of available courses: www.uclm.es/centros/ You should first choose the campus, then the faculty or school of the UCLM, where you will study according to the section where you were nominated. If you do not know this information, please contact your home university. Vicerrectorado de Extensién Universitaria Camino del Pozuelo s/n 16080 – Cuenca, Spain/Espaa – Telf.: `34969179155` – E-Mail: ori.cu@uclm.es The Faculty offers a variety of modules in the fields of literature, history, geography, languages, art history, philosophy and archaeology. Here, you have the opportunity to expand and deepen your knowledge in a number of disciplines and in a vibrant and rich learning environment, formed by a culturally diverse community of students and collaborators. The Faculty of Arts has a wide range of fields of study and hence a wide range of Erasmus agreements: languages, history, geography and art history. Exchange students can choose courses across the full range of disciplines taught at the faculty. They should not be limited to the specific study area of the exchange contract, provided that they choose courses taught by the faculty and that the apprenticeship agreement is approved by the university of origin. In addition to basic courses, optional subjects and specialisations, all students can also participate in thematic seminars organized by the different departments. Since international students can choose different subjects from different modules [EP1] or diplomas in their apprenticeship agreement, in the event that a change to the apprenticeship agreement is required, it must be agreed by the dates indicated: if you have any doubts about the completion of the section „Academic Data or other sections”, contact the campus ORI, where you are going to make your stay: www.uclm.es/ori/estructura.asp all the additional information you need to contact ori.cr@uclm.es This step is absolutely necessary to launch the online application procedure, because you will be posted in the confirmation email of the campus where you will study at the UCLM (if you are an Erasmus student, your goal is set by the campus where was signed the specific bilateral agreement between your home university and the UCLM).