Oxygen Xml License Agreement

Any software made available for download by the site (the „software”) is the copyrighted work of Syncro and/or third parties. The use of the software is, if applicable, subject to the terms of the end-user license agreement that is included in the software or software (the „licensing agreement”). The end user cannot install software associated with or containing a license agreement, unless the End User agrees to the terms of the license agreement. Unless the license agreement is made, any reproduction, reproduction or transmission of the software is expressly prohibited. With the Oxygen XML Author Component, you create an app that you distribute to other users outside your business (for example. B with a CMS). In this case, you should ask for an added value reseller (VAR) by contacting Oxygen`s sales team (www.oxygenxml.com/sales_support.html). Add variable license server details to Java code: Oxygen XML Author Component`s licensing terms are set out in Oxygen`s SDK license agreement. For licensing conditions and other license information, you can also contact the support@oxygenxml.com support team. You can also get a free evaluation license key for development purposes, subject to registration.

Any provision of an application developed with the Oxygen XML Author Component is also subject to the terms of the SDK agreement. All texts, data, images, graphics, audio clips, video and audio video, software applications and all other information, materials and tools made available to you on this site (together „content”) are protected by copyright under U.S. and international copyright laws and treaty provisions. Unauthorized use of website content may be contrary to these laws and these terms of use. The copyrights on the content are the property of Syncro or third parties who have granted their documents to Syncro, all rights reserved.