Platform Licence Agreement

11.13 Generalities. This agreement constitutes the whole agreement between the parties on its purpose and replaces any prior agreement between the parties on this subject. Neither party invokes guarantees, insurance, insurance or incentives that are not expressly specified. This agreement can only be amended by a text signed by both parties. This agreement, including the referenced annexes, including the declaration of work, may be exported in identical cases, even if the contracting parties did not sign the same period, with the same effect as if the contracting parties had signed the same document. All counterparties are interpreted and represent the same agreement or installation performed. This agreement, including referenced appendices, including the work statement or statements, can also be executed and delivered using an original signature, facsimile or other image capture technology (including scanned files and electronic signatures), and this execution and transmission will have the same power and effect of an original document with original signatures. In the interpretation or interpretation of this Agreement, the term „including” is not limiting, and the term „below” is understood in this agreement. If a provision of this agreement is found invalid or unenforceable by a competent court, that provision is amended and interpreted so that the objectives of the original provision are best achieved to the extent permitted by law, and the other provisions of this agreement remain fully in force and effective. No failure of any of the contracting parties to exercise a right or remedy at its disposal, nor any hesitation in exercising, it may act as a waiver of that remedy, nor the exercise of an individual or partial right or remedy under this program excludes any other right or recourse. The waiver of one of the parties to a violation of this agreement is not another offence.

The waiver is effective only if it is made in writing and executed by the contracting party to be collected. 6.1 Each other. Each party assures and assures the other party that it has the full power and power to conclude this Agreement; (ii) the performance of this agreement and the performance of its obligations under this agreement is not contrary to other agreements that it is a contracting party; and (iii) this agreement constitutes a legal, valid and binding obligation when it is executed and delivered. 2.10 Changes. Parties can execute additional service commands. B to change the version of the OneSpace platform, add end-users and change usage restrictions. For these additional service orders, royalties are charged on the basis of the company`s current price sheet or on the basis negotiated between the parties. The subscriber recognizes that such changes may require a 14-day delay that the entity can implement.

Any party can request written changes to the Services at any time during the lifetime. The parties assess and agree on factors that include at least the magnitude of the changes and additional benefits, reasonable rate increases, extensions of time, and the impact of additional costs and expenses on subscribers. If the parties agree on the minimum conditions mentioned above, the parties will agree in a written set of amendments („amendment order”) and implement all of these changes. No modifiable service or service order is valid unless it is performed by each other by the authorized representatives of the parties. 8.11 – Definitive clauses. This agreement, including all its timetables, which are an integral part of this agreement, nullifies and replaces all previous agreements, agreements and negotiations, both written and orally, between the parties and with respect to the purpose of this agreement. 4.2 – Fees, billing and payments. To provide the MailUp platform®, and for its use, and for the availability and implementation of ancillary services and instruments under this contract and for beneficiaries