Tcu Agreement

The TCU`s main task is to negotiate agreements to improve the working lives of members and to enforce these agreements when an employer attempts to violate them. Peluso said the deal could also delay the possible closure of several LIRR counters – one of many cuts the MTA will consider if Congress does not grant its $12 billion request to cover the cost of coronavirus. MTA officials said closing ticket counters would cut 60 jobs and save $8 million. LIRR ticket agents and administrators are TCU members covered by the agreement. MTA spokeswoman Meredith Daniels did not confirm the details of the agreement with the TCU, but said the parties „continue an open dialogue on how best to maintain a crowded staff and a safe working environment in these difficult budgetary times.” Under the agreement, which runs until 5 January, workers receive 90% of their wages in „telework,” according to the union. Peluso said about 800 TCU members, including office and IT workers, worked from home. State rules limit the number of employees allowed to work simultaneously in certain offices. „This agreement allows our members to continue to work while the MTA makes arrangements to allow all employees to enter offices safely,” said Nicholas Peluso, TCU National Representative. „… Workers covered by this agreement can continue to work until the end of the year, without Furlough`s constant fear. The agreement between the MTA and one of its unions could delay the eventual closure of several long Island Rail Road counters.

Picture: Newsday/John. Patraskevas The agreement between the Transportation Communication Union, which represents approximately 2,500 workers, including hundreds at Long Island Rail Road, and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority administration came as a temporary agreement to allow union members to work from home while the coronavirus pandemic expired. An agreement between MTA management and one of its largest unions will prevent layoffs for hundreds of workers by the end of 2020, but workers working from home also demand that they accept a 10% pay cut, union officials said. Current legislation reduces the amount of benefits available to those covered by rail unemployment insurance. This legislation will allow unemployed railway workers to receive the same benefits as the general population when they are passed. TCU supports the recent introduction of the S. 4860, the Railroad Employity and Fairness Act, which is prejudicial and ongoing In implementing its arguments for aid, the MTA has joined more than 100 transit companies in the United States in the American Transportation Public Association`s Health and Safety Engagement Program. Agencies are committed to taking the necessary steps to work safely during the pandemic, including complying with public health policies, regularly cleaning and disinfecting vehicles, and keeping passengers informed. In recent weeks, several TCU workers, who work at home, have expressed concern about the need to return to their offices.