The Real Estate Commissioner`s Regulations Require That Broker-Salesperson Agreements

2. After 31 December 1980, the Commission may collect a fee for the first issue and/or renewal of each licence, with the exception of the shared rate registration, of an amount necessary to provide for the proper management of the recovery fund; to provide for the replacement of collection fund payments so that the minimum level set in subsection C of this section is retained, subject to a balance corresponding to the interest collected by the collection fund itself and (3) other information requested by the Commission. B. If the taker provides the form information sheet to the buyer, the licensee is not required to provide additional information on mold promises. The information contained in the form information brochure is considered sufficient to inform the buyer of the common mold-related risks that may affect real estate. f. The Commission has the right to require all holders of a real estate license and all registered timeshare developers to deposit all funds or valuables received on behalf of clients into a separate bank account or bank account with a legally chartered financial institution. The funds thus received must not be refined by the personal means of these licensees or filers. (33) The licensee failed to provide the purchaser or seller with a written disclosure form for sales and certain leases of residential real estate pursuant to R.S. 9:3196 (34) by exercising or attempting or proposing to engage in real estate activity during a period of suspension of a real estate licence by the Commission or the revocation of a real estate licence by the Commission. (2) The name of the individual real estate agent or the name of the company, limited liability company, association, company or any other pure legal person under which the license is issued. B.(1) In addition to the royalties provided for in the R.S.

37:1443 and the royalties of R.S. 37:1464 taxes provided for the first issuance and/or renewal of the license of a real estate agent and a real estate seller, and any other type of licence, if it exists, granted by the Commission after 1 January 1979 and until 31 December 1980, the commission may charge each of the aforementioned takers an amount of no more than $8 per year and is paid to the recovery fund. A person, a company, a limited liability company, an association or a company, whether in Switzerland or abroad acting as a franchisor, cannot enter into a franchise agreement with a real estate agent in that state, unless the franchisor has appointed a louisiana-licensed real estate agent who acts as its representative in that state. The commercial address registered by a broker to the commission is considered a place of business from which the broker carries out real estate activities requiring a license in Louisiana. When a broker trades from more than one head office, a branch license is required for each head office of the real estate agent.