Changing Working Hours Without Agreement

If you want to continue working, say that you will continue to work in protest until you have reached an agreement with your employer. If you are satisfied with the changes made, you can look for a more durable agreement and expressly request that it become permanent – for more information, see our flexible working manual. The first thing you need to do is look at the terms of your contract. You should check if there is a wording in the contract that states that the employer can change its terms without your consent and check that something has been agreed orally. You should review your contract and check if there is any wording in the contract stating that the employer can change its terms without your consent (often referred to as an „amending clause”) and try to remember if something has been agreed orally. Where there is a modification clause, it can normally only be used for minor and non-detrimental modifications. However, you may find that your employer wants to change your work schedule. So the question is: can you do it? If you continue to work and you (or your union) do not oppose or protest promptly against the change in the terms, this may be covered by the employer as you agree to the new terms. The timing of the protest against change is important. Each case will be based on its own facts, your contract and its context will be relevant. If you are willing to continue working, but do not agree with the change, you should report this to your employer and indicate in writing that you are working „in protest” until the problem is resolved. This shows that you have not accepted, but you are willing to work things informally with your employer.

You immediately object as soon as you become aware of the amendment. If you continue to work as usual without telling your employer that you do not agree, this can be considered proof that you have accepted the change. There may be help in trying out the new work agreements and then protesting as soon as you find that the effects will be so detrimental that you won`t be able to accept them. If you have worked in a certain way with the agreement of your employer for a certain period of time, this work model may be part of your contract. If you need help with your staff`s employment agreements, contact us for immediate help: 0800 028 2420 If you start working under the new conditions, you make it clear that you are working in protest and that you are treating the change as a breach of contract. Try to resolve the issue directly with your employer. In the absence of this particular concept, the reduction of working time becomes more complicated. This is due to the fact that a change in hours implies a change in the Treaty.

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